9 Tips to Improve an Instagram Account

If you just created your personal or business profile on Instagram, or you already created an account long ago but you don’t have many likes and/or followers, then MyMhub can help you with 9 hints to improve an Instagram account.

9 Tips to Improve an Instagram account

Let’s see how we can improve your Marketing Online actions so to increase the engagement rate  on Instagram, because optimising an Instagram account will positively affect your visibility, brand awareness and can positively affect your visibility, brand awareness and help you connecting with the audience:

1. Correct Hashtags usage

Hashtags can be your best friends on Instagram. With them users can find you more easily. Instagram members use hashtags to find people, pictures and videos of a subject of their interest. For this reason is important to use the correct hashtags when uploading a picture or video.

2. Optimise stories

9 Tips to Improve an Instagram account

Always use location and hashtag stickers in your Instagram stories. The more attention you draw, the more probabilities you get to appear in the search results.

3. Save your best stories

Now you have the option to save your best stories in your profile, as you probably already know stories last only 24 hours. Save 3 or 4, the most relevant and those that obtained more engagement.

4. Optimise your profile

With a simple view people that look into your profile have to understand what kind of business or what kind of person you are. Use pictures that identify yourself, use hashtags related to your profile and roll out a brief description, short and characterising your as a business or a person. Optimise your profile in order to carry on your Marketing action as a call to action.

5. Use real content

It’s not necessary to have a professional shot for every post. You should convey authenticity in order to relate more closely with your followers.

6. Talk to your audience

Call them by their names, answer their comments, interact with them, people use Instagram to escape reality. The closer you are to your public, the more you’ll keep them engaged.

7. Share your users’ opinions

Share comments, pictures and videos people using your products o people that follows you as a character, so that you can transmit more confidence and brand awareness.

8. Use Instagram Live

If you want to be an influencer you should show yourself in videos, so that your followers or clients can know you better, have questions and answers. If you’re a brand, you can use Instagram live to enforce the connection with your followers, explain the usage of your products or to answer questions around your product or service.

9. Use Instagram Ads

instagram ads

Facebook owns instagra, so that you can carry on campaigns in both social networks at the same time. Keep in mind that Instagram is the social network with the higher rate of engagement.

These were quick Tips to Optimise an Instagram Account. If you need help with your social networks or your Online Marketing, do not hesitate to contact us. Send us an email to info@mymhub.com and we’ll give you a sample of how we can help to improve your Digital Marketing.


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